Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Toy Story 3D - Review

IT'S terrifying to think I was only 9 years old when Toy Story was originally released. Even more so because I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to animation, I still hold the original hand drawn Disney classics very close to my heart. So the whole CG animation generation that this film has brought with it still feels sort of like a relatively new experience for me.

First of all I should not have to say how absolutely wonderful and important Toy Story is in the history of animation, being the first entirely computer animated film and 15 years on still has not lost any of its charm. Charting the tale of two toys' rivalry to unbreakable friendship as they go on a journey from a colourful child's bedroom full of even more colourful characters to a Sci-Fi themed pizza restaurant and into the troubled kid next door's bedroom and back again. You should all know the story by now...and its sequel. If not, then shame on your soul.

Luckily for all you people who missed it the first time, now is your chance to experience it in Hollywood's new revamped medium, 3D! Having never experienced 3D until now I was actually pleasantly surprised at the results however not terribly blown away. Obviously being 15 years old, Toy Story is not the best example of the cutting edge technology in its element but even still, the 3D effect lifted the aesthetics of the movie beautifully.

What I hope however, is for the movies that are specifically made for 3D not to bog themselves down on the experience and still deliver a good film first and foremost. Toy Story is all of this and more, and being a good deal (not a great deal or significantly!!) older than when I originally saw this in the cinema back in 1995 it still did not fail to make me laugh out loud, smile with joy and nearly shed a tear, with touching performances from Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and co as well as iconic music from Randy Newman ('You Got A Friend In Me' anyone?).

Final Thoughts
With the highly anticipated threequel on its way, June 2010, this screening puts the audience in the right mood for its arrival to the big screen. The jury is still out on this 3D malarky, but that is very much a footnote here. 15 years on, Pixar's original baby is still as memorable and classy as you remember it to be. Anyone who never got the chance to experience this in the cinema I urge you to do this as soon as possible. And for those of you who have before, do so again...You'll believe a toy can fall with style all over again.

Film: 9/10
3D experience: 7/10

See this if you like...
...wait what do you mean you haven't seen it?

Toy Story in 3D is in cinemas that are equipped with the technology now. So in Belfast's case that's....two! Right? Correct me if I'm wrong on that one blogheads.

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