Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New contributor!

Good morning fellow bloggers. No film review until Friday, but I just want to take a bit of time to properly introduce a new, extremely talented, contributor to the blog, professional animator and life long friend of mine Gillian Reid. She is currently working on a film over in China at the minute (which is all rather hush hush for now, but hopefully reviewed on this blog somewhere down the line!) and has generously offered her talents to the blog.

She will be contributing an original cartoon/art piece to coincide with each review from now on and to give a sneak preview of her work here is a quick sketch of last week's film Bronson (which actually should have came with the review originally, but I dropped the ball on that one, my sincere apologies...).

Gillian Reid 2009.

I also encourage all of you to keep tabs on Gill's work at her own blog Gillianimation which I'm personally a big fan of (the link is also a permanent fixture on the side also). So there you have it, the team is growing and the blog is expanding! Good times ahead folks, thanks for stopping by and showing your support.


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